AuthorOur planet has 7 billion inhabitants. The sheer number of differing beliefs that exist and have ever existed is quite simply mind boggling. These beliefs, the things we hold to be true, are not trivial. They are in fact of the utmost importance to the way humanity conducts its day-to-day existence. It goes without saying that if we are to hold beliefs that align with the reality of the natural world we live in, the manner in which we arrive at these beliefs is then necessarily of the utmost importance.

What is a SciEvangelist? Anybody who understands that without logic and evidence all claims end up as unfounded assertions, and who strives to make society understand that an evidenced based approach to life is the best way to ensure peace and progress.

SciEvangelist.com is a blog dedicated to examining science, beliefs and their origins and to spurring philosophical discussions that allow us to resolve our conflicting beliefs. We no longer live in a world in which what you or I believe has no effect on a large majority of the human race.

I am an amateur scientist, a professional technologist, ex-theist, a current skeptic, simultaneously an optimist and a pessimist, a pragmatist and an idealist. I want to live in a world where “Because my parents taught me so” or “Because my holy book says so” is clearly a weak argument to everyone. The realist in me tells me that this probably won’t happen in my lifetime, but the idealist in me says that if we do nothing to advance the cause of reason and analytical and scientific thinking, then the truth is: It won’t happen in anybody’s lifetime.

Let us engage in rational discussion and even heated albeit well-reasoned debate. Let us evangelize the cause of reason and courageous thinking and in this process let us shun intellectual laziness and blind faith.

Welcome to SciEvangelist.com!

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